Top Android Apps That You Should Install on Every New Smartphone

Dumpster android

Hi there,I’m Nathan.

In this article I will talk about some of the top application that you should install on every new smartphone. Let’s get started.



Dumpster android

Unlike Windows and Mac, Android doesn’t come with a recycle bin.So, if you accidentally delete something, well too bad. However, if you have dumpster install from day 1 and then if you delete something like a picture, audio/video file, or a document et. Well, they, you can easily recover it from the app. It can also upload your deleted files to cloud, For a monthly subscription Though, do keep in mind, Most of stuff people delete from the phone are of sensitive nature, And it’s not always a good idea to have them on the cloud, Remember, companies always get hacked.
But yeah, for local storage, dumpster make sense.


Call track/SMS backup plus

Call track SMS backup plus

Now, you might remember, In the last episode of little known gems I told you guys about — call track app, Basically, it backup your call logs to your Google calendar. But, guess what, there is even a better app than that. So, SMS backup plus, take automatic backup of your SMS as well as call logs And upload as a separate label on Gmail. The entire process is totally automated, And Like all the apps that you are going to see in this list, you have to set it up once and then forget it entirely It will automatically work in the background.But what I really like about this app is Since it’s using separate label, the backups will never interfere with my regular emails .



Now, most of you might already know about Google photos, It’s just an app, that automatically backup all your photos and videos And upload them to Google server. Which you can access by going to It’s an awesome service for free.

But, the reason, I’m including this here is because — One, most chinese phone, don’t have photos app preinstall, so you need to download that from playstore. And two, you need to first open the app and give it permission, or else it won’t work And here is an interesting thing, Last year, a guy called David Arnott Found out, Even if you delete you Google photos app, and remove it from your smartphone Your photos will still be uploaded to google server. Which is both good or bad, depending on the circumstances. But it definitely, goes against normal logic. So, yeah, keep this in mind, when you use Google products.


Call recorder

Call recorder

Now, call recording is another thing That you wished you had, after a bad experience with customer service or client. So, it’s always better to have it first.

Now, I’ve a detail video on this topic, so, I won’t go into detail But, I personally use Automatic call recorder And it’s working great for me. The app records all phone calls, right after you install it There is no settings you have to configure Though, its one feature that make a lot of sense to me is You can record calls from a specific contact And also have it automatically upload to the cloud It’s a paid feature though.


Titanium backup App

Titanium backup App

Now, honestly, Titanium backup is not as relevant as it was few years back. Since, Google has also started taking backup of apps and some of the app data. But, yeah, if you want complete backup Like restoring everything down to the smallest setting for every single app Then titanium backup still the king. It require ROOT access though, which I currently don’t have.

But anyways, my point is- With google backups you’ll be able to restore your last installed apps and Only few apps (which support sign in with Google account) Will be able to restore app data. But with titanium backup you can restore all app data, even the logins and settings can be restored.




Now an anti theft app, is always going to be on top of my list. The moment you buy a new smartphone, you should install an anti-theft app. I particularly like – cerberus, Since its has most feature that you’ll need once lose your smartphone Like if you lose your phone, You can simply login to your cerberus account from computer And track location taking pictures from the front camera, and most importantly, the ability to withstand a factory reset. Now, I know, some of you may be wondering Well mrinal, if the app is so good, why didn’t you track your stolen n6.

And, well, I want to set your expectation straight, You can only aspect to get your device back when it’s lost or left somewhere If the someone wants to steal your phone, there is no app, that will help you to get it back. I secretly wish, phone manufacturers, should have include a remote kill switch option which when pressed will brick the phone for ever. Only way to get it fix, would be by visiting official service center. But anyways, back from little fantasy land, yeah, you should have a anti theft app, If you don’t want to pay for cerberus, get a free one from play store.
As always thank you for reading this post.


Download Links:

Dumpster – download link

Call track/SMS backup plus – download link

Photos – download link

Call recorder – download link

Titanium backup App – download link

Cerberus – download link



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