Is My Android Phone Unlocked? How To Check

Is My Android Phone Unlocked

Today, I’ll show you how to check and see if your Android phone is unlocked. If you purchased your phone recently, it’s probably already unlocked. But if you’ve had your phone a while or you’re looking to purchase a used one, it’s best to check and see if it’s locked to a certain carrier. Carriers lock devices so they only work on that specific carrier to insure you can’t get a discounted phone with one of their plans and then jumped to another carrier, leaving them with the bill. If you’re purchasing a used mobile phone, it’s best to check and see if it’s locked before you do so, so you can use it on the carrier of your choice. Having an unlocked phone is also good so you can switch carriers if you would like, or if you need to travel outside the country and purchase a SIM card to use while there. To check if your phone’s unlocked, there are two basic ways to do so, depending on the model of your phone and the version of the operating system you’re using.

You should be able to check and see if it’s unlocked in the Settings menu. Go to Settings and Networks. Your phone may say Cellular Network or Mobile Network, depending on where you are. Select Network Operators and then search Networks. Let the phone search for available networks. It might take a little while. Connect to one of the networks and see if you can get a signal and can make a call. If several results come back, your phone is most likely unlocked. This method isn’t 100% accurate, so you might want to try a method 2, just to be sure. Method 2 is a little bit more involved, but it leaves no doubt when you’re done.

To check using this method, you’ll need two SIM cards for your phone from two different networks. Power down your phone first. Then open the SIM card slot on your phone using a removal tool or a paperclip. Remove your SIM card and replace it with one from another carrier. Power the phone back up. You’ll notice that the carrier name will change at the top of your phone. Try to make a call. If the call goes through, then your phone is unlocked. If you can’t place a call, then it has been locked by your carrier. You may also get a message alerting you that the phone is locked. If your phone is locked, there’s no need to worry. As long as your phone is no longer under contract or you’ve paid for it outright, you can have it unlocked by the carrier. They’re required to do so by the FCC. If you’re the original owner of the phone, this is as simple as a phone call or filling out a form. But if you’re buying the phone secondhand or do not know who the original owner is, this can be a bit more tricky.

It is still doable, but you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops. I hope that helps you figure out if your phone is unlocked. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos like this every week. And if you struggle with poor cell signal, check out one of our cell phone signal boosters to help you stay connected wherever you need to go. Thanks for reading. See you next time..