Granny Android & IOS Game – In the house of horrors

Imagine yourself all alone, getting lost in a dense forest on a moonless night. You keep walking in search of a way out when you come across a lone house in a clearing. You knock at the door to ask for directions but what happens next is something that happens only in a nightmare. The door is opened by a raggedly, old woman. Mystified, you look into her hazy eyes and before you can open your mouth to speak, something hits you and you faint.

You open your eyes hours later to find yourself inside the house, held captive by the old woman and now you have to find a way to get yourself out. Does that sound scary? Because, if it does, then this game is not for you. But, if you found it thrilling, and would like to know what happens next, then the Granny Game is just what you will enjoy playing!

Granny Android IOS Game

What’s all game about?

Granny is a ghastly, old woman living in a house in the middle of a dense forest. She has a long, dirty face with bloody teeth and hazy, white eyes that glow red sometimes, that is proof enough that Granny isn’t a human, but a demon, living in the house with the sole aim of terrifying the players who dare enter her house.

The player, who is locked inside her house, has 5 days to escape, during which he has to find places to hide, put together pieces of a puzzle and without making a sound, find a way to flee from this house of horrors.

However, it is not as simple as it seems here. For, Granny isn’t high of hearing and can catch even the slightest of sounds. And, no sooner does she hear a sound than she moves towards it, lunging after the player with a Bloody Bat. And, if by chance, the player isn’t quick enough, he stands the risk of getting hit by Granny, and when that happens, there is a splatter of blood on the screen!

So, yes, this is the video game that has gained immense popularity since the time it was released. It has had millions of players playing the game on YouTube, spending hours trying to escape and yet enjoying the exhilarating experience of getting chased by Granny.

Granny Game for Android and IOS

Created for Android and Apple, the Granny Android Game has blood, gore and scary scenes written all over it. It has an element of cannibalism that goes to show Granny has been created such she would love to have you for dinner! Not a game for the younger kids who might find it frightening, it will certainly captivate the older kids who are fond of such gory games.

There are some entertaining facets of this game where the players if they wish to hide from Granny, can hide in beds and cabinets and other such places that prevent her from catching them.

Granny also has a huge array of bear traps that she places all over to catch the players, so the player has to see where he is going and avoid stepping on those traps.

The game begins in the center of the basement with a bloodstain. Granny spends a few seconds staring at the bloodstain and then she moves around the house, room to room, looking to catch the player. She walks at a slow pace, just like the ghouls who walk in horror movies, but when she spots the player or hears a sound, she walks faster and tries to find ways of hunting down the player.


To make the game an authentic horror show, Granny has been given some dialogues that she mouths in the typical evil manner.

“I see you,”

“Do you want to play hide and seek? Heh heh heh.”

“Where are youuuuu?”

“Don’t be afraid.”

Spoken in a peculiar manner that such evil spirits speak, laced with wicked laughter, words dripping with horror, these dialogues lend the extra thrills and chills typical to games of the horror genre.

Granny MOD Android IOS

How to beat Granny using Mods

There are ways to outrun Granny and win the game. The player can escape through the front door, but first, he needs to do a few things. He needs to find the weapons key, move to a secret passage in bedroom 2, unlock the weapon’s chest and pull out a tranquilizer gun to shoot Granny and put her to sleep. Isn’t that exciting?

How about using a Mod to win the game? You can use a Mod in the game to get invisible. You can download Granny Mod for IOS and win the game easily.

Granny Android Game Mod Features

The Granny Mod for Android is very easy to use. You just need to download the apk file on your Android device, install it and follow the instructions. You don’t need to root your device for the Mod to work. There are several websites where you can download the mod.


Older kids who fantasize indulging in such games of thrill, adventure and suspense get an opportunity to actually do it all and some more! The art used to create the atmosphere in the house, the props, and the pool of blood makes the entire experience as real and unique as possible.

Despite being a horror game, it is not too graphic and so might not scare older kids, but younger kids need to be warned of the blood and gore on display apart from the scary special effects and background sound.

Don’t hesitate to try the Granny Mod on your Android or IOS device.

Is My Android Phone Unlocked? How To Check

Is My Android Phone Unlocked

Today, I’ll show you how to check and see if your Android phone is unlocked. If you purchased your phone recently, it’s probably already unlocked. But if you’ve had your phone a while or you’re looking to purchase a used one, it’s best to check and see if it’s locked to a certain carrier. Carriers lock devices so they only work on that specific carrier to insure you can’t get a discounted phone with one of their plans and then jumped to another carrier, leaving them with the bill. If you’re purchasing a used mobile phone, it’s best to check and see if it’s locked before you do so, so you can use it on the carrier of your choice. Having an unlocked phone is also good so you can switch carriers if you would like, or if you need to travel outside the country and purchase a SIM card to use while there. To check if your phone’s unlocked, there are two basic ways to do so, depending on the model of your phone and the version of the operating system you’re using.

You should be able to check and see if it’s unlocked in the Settings menu. Go to Settings and Networks. Your phone may say Cellular Network or Mobile Network, depending on where you are. Select Network Operators and then search Networks. Let the phone search for available networks. It might take a little while. Connect to one of the networks and see if you can get a signal and can make a call. If several results come back, your phone is most likely unlocked. This method isn’t 100% accurate, so you might want to try a method 2, just to be sure. Method 2 is a little bit more involved, but it leaves no doubt when you’re done.

To check using this method, you’ll need two SIM cards for your phone from two different networks. Power down your phone first. Then open the SIM card slot on your phone using a removal tool or a paperclip. Remove your SIM card and replace it with one from another carrier. Power the phone back up. You’ll notice that the carrier name will change at the top of your phone. Try to make a call. If the call goes through, then your phone is unlocked. If you can’t place a call, then it has been locked by your carrier. You may also get a message alerting you that the phone is locked. If your phone is locked, there’s no need to worry. As long as your phone is no longer under contract or you’ve paid for it outright, you can have it unlocked by the carrier. They’re required to do so by the FCC. If you’re the original owner of the phone, this is as simple as a phone call or filling out a form. But if you’re buying the phone secondhand or do not know who the original owner is, this can be a bit more tricky.

It is still doable, but you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops. I hope that helps you figure out if your phone is unlocked. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos like this every week. And if you struggle with poor cell signal, check out one of our cell phone signal boosters to help you stay connected wherever you need to go. Thanks for reading. See you next time..

This is how easily you can change font in android without rooting

This is how easily you can change font in android without rooting

In order to change the font in your android device go to this “Settings”. Go to “Display” here. Select “Font”. Now you can see some free fonts available in your android device. You can select any one of those or else if you want to purchase a new font you can go to “download fonts”. Then you can see the fonts available here. You can just purchase any of those fonts. Then once you have purchased those fonts what you can do is you can go to back and from here you will see the new font available and then you can select it. Then select “Done” So, in this way you can change the font on your android device..

Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017 So Far

Top 10 Ios Games june 2017

10. Opening our list of the Top 10 iOS Games during the first and second quarter of 2017 is Transformers: Forged to Fight

With the release of their latest Transformers movie, Hasbro Entertainment dishes out their big robotic guns to the iOS. Follow the Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals in an interplanetary battle that holds the future of Cybertron. Similar to Warner Brothers’ Injustice 2 and Arkham Origins, it’s a fighting game where players use their fingers to swipe, tap and flick the screen to defeat their opponent. Unleash your powerful special attacks and roll out to deal devastating damage. Choose from a wide variety of iconic Transformers such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Megatron and more in a fight for the future. This is the biggest Transformers mobile game that caters all the characters from their universe. Team up with your friends and forge alliances to eliminate threats. Players can also deploy their robots to gather some sweet loot for future uses. Critics lauded this game for being a moderately good fighting game, however, the lack of characters from the movie makes it incomplete.If you’re in it for the fun, then this game is always a good try. Plus, it’s free. It has a PlayScore of 9.

9.Monument Valley 2

Garnering critical and market success with their debut in 2014, ustwo’s Monument Valley has had millions of fans fawning over their cute visuals, well-thought levels, impeccable design. While it’s been three years, the surprise unveiling of their newest sequel just shows how much love there still is for the game–and they’re gonna get a whole lot more, now that there’s a touching new story to unravel. Play as Ro, as she guides her daughter through the the various mazes of their mysterious valley.

Feast your eyes anew as you explore a whole new world of vibrant landscapes and mesmerizing architecture. The game oozes with style, emanating an atmosphere of brilliance that’s completed with a collection of inviting and immersive music. This tale of family and motherhood is exactly what it needed, giving players the necessary drive to push through what used to be a fresh, but somehow lacking journey. A masterpiece lives on, and it has a PlayScore of 8.65.


Pong makes its way to the modern generations as a stylish, frenetic underwater adventure. From the creators of two distinctly successful games, comes a title no one ever expected–literally. Despite the protests of their marketing team, the game is named after a constellation in a language nobody understands. It really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and yet it manages to deliver in all fronts. This game is fun as balls! And these balls, especially, are very fun. Just take joyful splash into their wonderful aquatic world, and use both of your hands to ricochet said balls against turtles, clams, fossils, and so much more. With their array of paddles to unlock, unleash your potential with bonuses and new offensive abilities. As a premium game, it promises to have zero ads after purchase which is always a plus. While it’s been criticized for the lack of autosave function, it’s a perfectly good game for your lazing needs. It has a PlayScore of 8.67.

7. KAMI 2

Get caught in a struggle for perfection in this sequel to the serene yet challenging puzzler from State of Play Games. Its design is based on japanese paper designs, taking inspiration from the graceful paper-folding of the art of Origami. Minimalistic as it is, it packs a ton of content, with over 100 hand-crafted puzzles and a whole lot more from player contributions. Like most minimalist games, the goal is simple. Fill the board with a singular color in the fewest moves possible. Here’s the rub, just like the Japanese art form it was based on, it won’t take anything other than perfection. But with a helpful hint system, nothing is impossible. Unlock more puzzles by completing each page, explore creations made by other users, and make your own with their built in editor.
All of that for the price of absolutely nothing. It’s smooth, challenging, but not without its flaws, with a few hints to a pay to win system and a slightly repetitive gameplay. It has a PlayScore of 8.73.


6. Hidden Folks

Now this one is different. Created by two hardworking dudes, use the power of sight and solve innumerables puzzles in this adorable hidden object game. Plastered with a simple white backdrop, find hidden folks lurking around each location. It’s vivid details and mouth-originated sound effects make it so interesting, and fun. If you’re into for the details, the game has over 17 hand-drawn maps, 150 targets to find, 250 unique interactions, and over a thousand vocally-produced sound effects.

Hear every pop, twang, zoop and other ridiculous sounds in every click. Aside from that, players are safe with their progress with the presence of iCloud. So sync it anywhere at anytime. The game was widely praised due to its interesting level designs and odd take on the hidden object genre. It’s so interesting you feel like you’re part of their white, picturesque world. Just recently, they updated the game with more content for the fans. It has a PlayScore of


5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu Gi Oh fans unite because this year has brought in the most awaited return of the beloved manga and anime. Digitized and ported to the mobile world, it’s finally time to D-D-D-Duel! Play as and against your favorite characters from the hit anime, from Yugi, Kaiba, Joey Mai and more–and use their trademark legendaries to level the playing field. With their original voice actors, this game takes you right back to where it all began. With an optimized multiplayer, it’s the perfect channel for your latent duelling skills.

But you can’t win tournaments with just any cards. Use their generous starter rewards, and take your chances amongst a collection of cool decks. Purchase a few packs, build yourself the ultimate deck, and fight against iconic characters, your very own friends, and strangers from all around the globe. It’s easy user interface, spectacular visuals, and friendly gameplay, makes it an awesome game for both the trading card veterans, and clueless first timers. Submit yourself to nostalgia, and begin your journey to the top. It has a PlayScore of 8.85.

4. Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

From the hit comedy TV show, join Bubbles, Ricky and Julian on an adventure to manage the town of Sunnydale. As fun as the TV show may be, this idle-clicker expects you to amass a buttload of liquor, hash and cash in a span of minutes. So plan ahead and use your rural infrastructures to create a thriving community. Hire workers and upgrade your businesses to earn that quick buck. Want to build casino? Or how about a strip club? Go for it as long as it keeps the game growing.

Just don’t get busted or you get sent to jail. For the lazy, you could hire more workers to automate the clicking for you. Talk about efficiency. There isn’t much to do when you’re in an idle clicker, but its boss-fights require maximum tapping powers for you take it down. Players are loving the simplicity of its upgrade system, while others are giving it less stars due to its unintended crashes.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun game and a good time-killer. It has a PlayScore of



A supernatural thriller game that doesn’t rely too much on cheap jumpscares. Powered with its gorgeous artstyle, and 80’s atmosphere, this 2.5D puzzle game takes you to the shoes of Alex. A young man attending an overnight party with his friends in an abandoned island. Things go haywire when they encounter strange anomalies in their late-night partying. The gameplay isn’t as complicated compared to most horror games. Just scroll your way through various platforms with your friends and unlock story details with the game’s unique “Radio System”. This enables the player to determine the source of distortions and anomaly that haunt the island. Aside from that, players can make a choice during narrative sequences. Opting players a chance to replay the game again if they want a different outcome. The game’s atmospheric level designs, synth music, and deep story makes it one of the finest horror games to come out this year.

However, it was criticized for its lack of exposition and satisfaction. Well, it’s not for everyone. It’s the Stranger Things of videogames. It has a PlayScore of


2. Guns Of Boom

If you want some explosive first person shooter on your mobile device, then Game Insight’s exhilarating entry would take you by surprise. Think of it as budget Overwatch. Team up with your friends as you go in an all-out firefight with the enemy team. For a mobile game, it’s packed with finely detailed environment and immersive 3D visuals. Not to mention it’s smooth and intuitive controls make it worth your time. Don’t worry about aiming because once your crosshair hits, it’ll automatically lock. Also one of the best things about this game is that players can choose from its wide variety of weapons ranging from sniper rifles, grenade launchers, pistols and more.

Pick your ideal loadout and blow things up. Set out in fun PvP battles across the world with online mode and test your mettle to dominate the leaderboards. Experience fps at its finest. It has a PlayScore of Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one: 11. SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag. Join Kirita, Asuna, and Leafa as they embark on a brand new journey into the digital cyberspace. Relive iconic moments, and take on new adventures! It has a PlayScore of 8.5. 12. Causality. Help an adorable bunch of time travelers find their way to their color-coded destinations. Almost as hard as actual time travel, and it has a PlayScore of 8.49. 13. Cube Escape: The Cave. The Rusty Lake Saga gets a whole new chapter. Venture to the dark caverns of the mountain, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious family. It has a PlayScore of 8.47. 14. Card Thief. Master the art of stealth and sleight of hand as you pickpocket guards and blow out torches in this satisfying card-based dungeon crawler. It has a PlayScore of 8.44. 15. Ticket to Earth. A unique take on puzzle RPG, go on an isometric adventure with Rose, navigating through the battlefield in same-colored tiles, and killing off monsters with her deadly combos.

It has a PlayScore of 8.43. 16. The Big Journey. Roll around in Mr. Whisker’s dizzying world, as goes on a quest for gastronomic delights. Bounce through deserts and valleys, along with cutesy visuals and catchy tunes. It has a PlayScore of 8.39. 17. Art of Conquest (AoC). Command your very own medieval troop, and go against towering dragons and fortified strongholds in this fantastical mobile RTS. It has a PlayScore of 8.37. 18. Battle Bay. Rovio’s newest IP since their critically acclaimed band of frustrated fowls. Take to the seas in this mobile friendly MOBA, with a PlayScore of 8.35. 19. Death Road to Canada. This is how Canada really is. Don’t be fooled by the news. This randomly generated road-trip simulator puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The game doesn’t take itself seriously, and you should too. It has a PlayScore of 20. Chroma Squad. No, it’s not a licensed Power Rangers game. But it’s a mouthful, combining the sentai icons with the Game Dev Story’s management, and the tactical whims of XCOM. It has a PlayScore of 8.33.

1. And the best iOS game of 2017 so far is Flipping Legends


Download from Store

From one of the most popular studios for the best mobile games on the market, Noodlecake makes a move towards 3D pixels in this action game full of brawls, swordfights, and spell-filled duels.

In something that resembles a cross between pixel and polygons, flip around its limited playing field and survive a barrage of scary spikes and deadly traps while collecting coins and killing off enemies along the way. Flipping Legends differentiates itself from the many clones of the tired endless runner genre. It veers away from the traditional sidescrolling format, and opts for vertical navigation, that’s reminiscent of most music games. While sound plays no part in the gameplay, it still requires a fair amount of rhythm.

Choose from Ninja, Warlock, Ranger, and more, and steer your character diagonally and backwards through the map. It’s unique innovative, and so, so addicting. Beat your own highscores in this one of a kind, free-to-play action game. No wonder it’s the year’s highest rated iOS game, with an impressive PlayScore of 9.31..

Top Android Apps That You Should Install on Every New Smartphone

Dumpster android

Hi there,I’m Nathan.

In this article I will talk about some of the top application that you should install on every new smartphone. Let’s get started.



Dumpster android

Unlike Windows and Mac, Android doesn’t come with a recycle bin.So, if you accidentally delete something, well too bad. However, if you have dumpster install from day 1 and then if you delete something like a picture, audio/video file, or a document et. Well, they, you can easily recover it from the app. It can also upload your deleted files to cloud, For a monthly subscription Though, do keep in mind, Most of stuff people delete from the phone are of sensitive nature, And it’s not always a good idea to have them on the cloud, Remember, companies always get hacked.
But yeah, for local storage, dumpster make sense.


Call track/SMS backup plus

Call track SMS backup plus

Now, you might remember, In the last episode of little known gems I told you guys about — call track app, Basically, it backup your call logs to your Google calendar. But, guess what, there is even a better app than that. So, SMS backup plus, take automatic backup of your SMS as well as call logs And upload as a separate label on Gmail. The entire process is totally automated, And Like all the apps that you are going to see in this list, you have to set it up once and then forget it entirely It will automatically work in the background.But what I really like about this app is Since it’s using separate label, the backups will never interfere with my regular emails .



Now, most of you might already know about Google photos, It’s just an app, that automatically backup all your photos and videos And upload them to Google server. Which you can access by going to It’s an awesome service for free.

But, the reason, I’m including this here is because — One, most chinese phone, don’t have photos app preinstall, so you need to download that from playstore. And two, you need to first open the app and give it permission, or else it won’t work And here is an interesting thing, Last year, a guy called David Arnott Found out, Even if you delete you Google photos app, and remove it from your smartphone Your photos will still be uploaded to google server. Which is both good or bad, depending on the circumstances. But it definitely, goes against normal logic. So, yeah, keep this in mind, when you use Google products.


Call recorder

Call recorder

Now, call recording is another thing That you wished you had, after a bad experience with customer service or client. So, it’s always better to have it first.

Now, I’ve a detail video on this topic, so, I won’t go into detail But, I personally use Automatic call recorder And it’s working great for me. The app records all phone calls, right after you install it There is no settings you have to configure Though, its one feature that make a lot of sense to me is You can record calls from a specific contact And also have it automatically upload to the cloud It’s a paid feature though.


Titanium backup App

Titanium backup App

Now, honestly, Titanium backup is not as relevant as it was few years back. Since, Google has also started taking backup of apps and some of the app data. But, yeah, if you want complete backup Like restoring everything down to the smallest setting for every single app Then titanium backup still the king. It require ROOT access though, which I currently don’t have.

But anyways, my point is- With google backups you’ll be able to restore your last installed apps and Only few apps (which support sign in with Google account) Will be able to restore app data. But with titanium backup you can restore all app data, even the logins and settings can be restored.




Now an anti theft app, is always going to be on top of my list. The moment you buy a new smartphone, you should install an anti-theft app. I particularly like – cerberus, Since its has most feature that you’ll need once lose your smartphone Like if you lose your phone, You can simply login to your cerberus account from computer And track location taking pictures from the front camera, and most importantly, the ability to withstand a factory reset. Now, I know, some of you may be wondering Well mrinal, if the app is so good, why didn’t you track your stolen n6.

And, well, I want to set your expectation straight, You can only aspect to get your device back when it’s lost or left somewhere If the someone wants to steal your phone, there is no app, that will help you to get it back. I secretly wish, phone manufacturers, should have include a remote kill switch option which when pressed will brick the phone for ever. Only way to get it fix, would be by visiting official service center. But anyways, back from little fantasy land, yeah, you should have a anti theft app, If you don’t want to pay for cerberus, get a free one from play store.
As always thank you for reading this post.


Download Links:

Dumpster – download link

Call track/SMS backup plus – download link

Photos – download link

Call recorder – download link

Titanium backup App – download link

Cerberus – download link



Android Paid Games Free Download

paid android games and apps free download

Nowadays, most of the people love to play only the indoor games when comparing to outdoor why because it gives more adventure. When it comes to the android mobile games, there are huge varieties of paid and non-paid games that are available on the android markets.

The non-paid games can be easily downloaded into your android mobile but if you are choosing the paid games, then you should pay the money for buying the full version of the android game.

Are you looking for the android paid games for free download? If yes, then follow this article. Due to this article, we have to discuss how to download the android paid games for free?

android paid games free download

What are paid android games?

You all know that games are one of the main important sources in our environment. Each and every person in the world love to play the games. Some of the people are playing the games for relaxation. Even, it is one of the best ways to remove the stress in your body completely.

Definitely, you will enjoy more if you are using the android smartphone why because android market released plenty of adventure games every day in the open market. Some of the companies offer the android games for free downloads. It is called as non-paid games.

The people those who want to download the paid android games in their mobile they should pay the money for downloading the game. The package of the game will be varying based on the game you will choose.

How to download the paid android games free on your android device?

One of the best places to find all android games in your mobile is play store, where you can easily download all android games as free. Even, it is the most popular and also great android game downloader.

Normally, you can easily find many of the website on the internet for downloading the android games as free but most of the people will not offer the proper payment. There are lots of fake links are available on the internet so before going to use the link for downloading the paid games as free in your android mobile check whether it is aquality site or not.

Best applications to download the paid android games:

Many of you think that downloading the paid android games is quite difficult but it is not true. The fact is anyone can easily download the paid android games for free on your android device. Here, we discuss the procedure to download the android games for free.

    • Android4Fun: is a popular and also securable android website.  Here, you can download the paid android games easily without paying the money for it. Follow the below procedure and enjoy the downloading paid android games.

On android4fun website you can search the desired paid games using the search bar. One of the most important things you should keep in your mind is before going to search the desired games on your android device, you should mention the proper game name and complete version of the particular game in the search bar.

Now, download the android games using Android4Fun and install it properly. This website is suitable for the people those who want to download the paid games more secure and also fast.

Note: Save the download games in the phone storage then only you can able to play the download android games easily.

    • AC market android application:

AC market is one of the best android applications to download the paid android games freely. The people those who want to download the games easily using the android mobile can use this AC market app.

At first, if you want to download the AC market app on your android mobile, then go to the settings. In that, select the security option. With the help of the security option, you can download this AC market application as secure without getting any disturbance.

After downloading the app, you should install it properly on your android device. It just takes few minutes of time to install. After finishing the installation, open the AC market application properly.

In the AC market app, go to the search bar and search the paid android app that you want to download. After, you will get the desired android games. Download it freely and enjoy your favorite games.

    • AIO downloader:

Definitely, most of the games users are hearing about the AIO downloader app why because it is very famous. Here, you can easily download any of the paid android games easily.

More than thousands of paid and non-paid android apps are available in this application. The people those who want to download the paid games as secure can use this AIO downloader app. With the help of this AIO downloader app, you can download the games as fast when compared to other.

First and foremost, go to the settings in your android mobile. After that, enable the security option then download the AIO downloader application. This app takes 2- 3 minutes to install. After completing the installation process, search the paid android game in the AIO downloader.


How to download the paid android games using the link?

If you want to download the paid android games using the link on the internet, then you should follow some long procedure for it.

  1. If you want to download the paid android games, then you must have the proper android device.
  2. Using the android device, download the Apk and data files. These 2 files are very important to download the paid games for free.
  3. After downloading the Apk and data file, install it properly on your android device. Make sure that whether the files are located in the right place or not which means the files that you install should be located only in the phone storage.
  4. If the files are not present in the phone storage, then copy the complete files and paste in your phone storage.
  5. After installing the Apk files on your android device, you can able to download the desired android paid games easily on your smartphone.
  6. If you want to delete the downloading game on your android device, then create a new folder and store it properly so you can easily access the paid android games whenever you want after uninstalling the game.


Commonly, there are lots of ways are available on the internet to download the pair android games for free on your android device. But, if you are using the above applications, then you can easily download the paid games as fast and secure. Even, these applications can able to work in slow internet connection also. Use the above applications and enjoy the paid android games for free on your device.

If you don’t want to pay the money for downloading the top android games from the markets, go to





Latest Android Studio Navigation Drawer Tutorial (Part 1)

Android Studio Navigation Drawer 2

Hello everyone.Today, I will talk about how to do the Navigation Drawer in Android Studio. In this lesson, I will use Android Studio 2, which is the latest version today and as you can see this is the Navigation Drawer. It is a typical feature for Android application these days.

Android Studio Navigation Drawer 2

In this post particularly, I will talk about the basic thing of the Navigation Drawer and I will talk about the icon, the color, menu, and how to add fragments as well. In part 2, I will talk about how to add views on the fragment, for example how to add in button, edit text, LibView, RecyclerView and you want to have an Event Handler on the fragment as well, and part 3 is a kind of bonus thing, you might not need it but maybe someone need it.

This one is about how to change the navigator drawer from the left side to the right side. As you can see on Facebook, if you go to Facebook app, you see the navigation drawer still exist there, but are not from the left side, it is from the right side. So I will show you how to do that and also the animation like you click on this one, the animation will come up from the left, slide in slide out like that. It is not the full animation, but it is like the basic thing.

So let’s go to Android Studio. As you can see now, I use Genymotion which is the faster emulator rather than use the native one. You can download from Genymotion, it’s free. So this is the user interface. Oh! There is an update for the Android SDK as well, but maybe I will skip it first, so this is the user interface for the Android Studio 2. It is a little bit different from the version drawing. So, let’s start a new Android Studio project. Nothing’s changed, just do the same thing. So let’s type Navigation Drawer example 1. Next, you just do the same thing. So now, we choose this one, okay.

Actually, you don’t have to choose this one at first, you can just use the basic activity as well and then later on you can add an activity and then choose the navigator drawer, but because we don’t have any, you know, startup activity, so it’s just for example, you know. So let’s choose it. Okay, let’s call it MainActivity as usual. Ok, not it’s completed, now you see new activity with navigation drawer in, so let’s just run it and you will see the navigation drawer already, so it is not kind of big thing to do it, you know, like in this day, because it is a template. Like in the old days, you have to write your own navigation drawer.

It was kind like very painful, but these days, very good, but we have to understand and if you don’t understand we cannot change. Ok, that’s it! Navigation drawer okay, but you like that’s it? No, it’s not because you gonna have to change a lot. This is just a template, okay, but before I go on to the code, I want to kind of like give you a concept of this. Actually, the navigation drawer is a new concept and Android just put it very late, you know, the early version didn’t have that and it is kind like a mess, because they want to put something, like a new thing and then want to support the old thing, so it is a lot of code going on behind that. Even you see, ok I click it and you see the animations slide-in, slide-out like that, even you will see that it’s a really animation. It’s painful to do that, but Android doesn’t have any kind of mechanism to hide all the things, it shows you all the code and if you don’t know that you can mess it around and maybe you can end up with a huge error, okay.

I will explain it step by step; I hope that you can catch on. So, first you have to understand the layout okay, so there are four layouts just for one activity. As usual, maybe you remember the main activity, so it’s going to create an activity main and the content is a new thing for Android as well. The activity_main is the real layout for anything here, okay.

Android Studio Navigation Drawer

Let’s go to the code, you will see better. See the activity_main has the new tool called DrawerLayout. The DrawerLayout as well didn’t exist in the early version of Android, so it just add it on, you know, and this one you can thing like this maybe we can do it. Like all other thing here that you see is the DrawerLayout and you can change, you can make it size like that, but I will show you how to change size later on and inside the DrawerLayout, you can see there are two components, one is include, so in include, we will include another layout called app_bar_main.

This is the app_bar_main and you can see it’s not inside here; it is up here, okay. So the app_bar_main is similar to the activity_main in the layer activity, you know, it holds the tool bar and the floating accent button and it’s not nothing special here. If you want to change it, you can change it in the app_bar_main and then go back to activity_main here to see the navigation view is a new thing as well. So there are two things here, DrawerLayout and NavigationView. So the real navigation is here in the NavigationView. So it holds the menu and also the nav_header_main. So where is nav_header_main here? Here is the nav_header_main.

So this is like the top part of the navigation drawer. You can change the icon; you can change the color as well. So, I don’t want to change it now, just want to explain it a little bit and here is the menu. It is the most important part here. Here it is tied to another menu here. So all the menu that you can see here is inside the menu here. Okay, so now you can see the whole menu and there is no preview for menu. So, there are two part, one is the group and inside the group you have the item tag which is a simple item as you can see here okay. But if you want like a part, for example, this is a like the communication part, so you can have an item and inside the item you can have a menu and you can have an item and inside the item you can have another menu and item as well.

Nothing here because it is just a simple one and this is the navigation, like a camera app, so see the import here. This is the import okay. Let’s say you want to have any action on that menu, you have to go to main and this one and over here you will see the all navigation items like this. It is for the navigation menu and you can do anything over here, so let’s say you want to have a Toast something like this and you want to do it on the Galley as well. So, there are a lot of things over here and the one thing I want to show you as well are that this method is duplicated, so you have to change to add.

So I think it is kind of the IDE code generated thing. So the app menu is for this which is not that important much and you can just change, if you do not want to change anything, just don’t touch it and here you want to change this all, may be you want to change the image, so here is the layout here, background. You can change the background here; it is in the drawable/side_nav_bar. So you go to hear, this one okay. If you want to change, you can change the color here and the icon that attach it to the menu here is the icon that created by the XML code, so it is going to be very flexible and you can increase the size and decrease the size without any change in the resolution, but it’s a hard thing to do, you have to understand how to draw it okay.

Android Studio Navigation Drawer 3

So, I would not type it now, but I just wanted to point it out. So if you want to use it you can just use it or if you don’t want you can just browse for an icon from the internet and change it okay. So, here is the menu. If you see, it takes to the icon from the drawable here and you can just delete any item you don’t want to. So, let’s say I want to use only two, Camera, Gallery, and now Share and I have to go to main_activity here because it has all the menu for Camera, Gallery, and Share. We don’t need this one. So, now you have a different background here. You can have different menu as you like, okay, so now it’s time to add some fragment. So, what is a fragment? If you don’t know fragment, fragment is a piece of theme inside an activity. It is not the whole part, may be some sort of this, okay. So you can have multiple fragments in one activity and for now, as you can see, when we click on this, you will text one thing here which is the fragment, okay.

If you click on gallery, you will see another thing which is another fragment attached to the activity. You have to understand and use the fragment in the navigation drawer, but actually direct fragment is not that hard. Fragment is a, you know, like a different kind of activity, but it is not activity, it is a small part of activity. So let’s create a new fragment here. So you go to new and fragment here. You can just use blank fragment. As you can see, it is a part of this, it is not the whole thing, it’s just something here and in the fragment, you see, there are three checks, okay. So, the first one is very important because you want to have layout attached to the fragment and then this one will make a lot of code for you, but sometime you don’t it, but let’s start from the unchecked one and I will create another activity with this check and the last one with the old checks.

Okay, so let’s uncheck it this all and maybe we want to change the camera fragment like that, so this is the fragment and you do notice it. It extends to the fragment, not AppCompatActivity. This one is AppCompatActivity, but this one is fragment and the code is less than activity. You need only one method, it is called onCreateView which is the most important method for a fragment, and I want to point out one thing here in AndroidManifest, usually when you create an activity, you will see an activity attached to AndroidManifest here around here, okay, but one is not.

It is not an actually, it is a fragment, so we will not attach any code in AndroidManifest. So, here is the fragment and maybe, you want to add something okay. It has the layout as well, so here is the layout fragment_camera. It is kind of mess now. There are a lot of things, and before layout for fragment is frame, but you are free to change to anything. I want to use RelativeLayout, it’s just the text, maybe I want to delete the text here, and maybe I want to add something cool. Just for an example, the date picker. So I want to call it from the main_activity here.

I will explain this code later, but I will just show you the basic thing here; this is the camera right. So you want to call the camera, so first you call camera_fragment, new camera_fragment okay, and you need the fragment manager. Let’s call it manager, getSupportFragmentManager. So here you need layout for the fragment. Remember when we click on this, you want this to set something with the real fragment for the camera and click on the gallery, you want maybe attach the gallery to this one. So what is this one? This one is in the content_main okay, and if use these kind of navigation drawer in the early version, maybe Android Studio, now I am using Android Studio 2, but was okay, but if you use maybe or early than that, you don’t have the content_main here. So the content_main here is for the here, the content thing you know, and before you had all the activity_main and inside the activity_main you would see something like a ListView or maybe some LinearLayout for the fragment, but now it separated the things, so the content_main here is just for the fragment and because in the activity_main here it attach, like include the app_bar_main and inside the app_bar_main it will include the content main, so it is like a layer and a layer and a layer.

Android Studio Navigation Drawer 4

So it’s kind of tricky, but it is important for flexibility. Now you can have a separate layout for the fragment, you don’t have to write any code inside here, you have their own layout. So you have to know the name of this RelativeLayout and then. So remember, when we click on this, you can change the ID of the layout. So I just call it relativelayout_for_fragment. It is kind of a long name, but it is very important because we can attach the fragment in here, so relativelayout_for_fragment, then you go back to main_activity here and here is the layout we want to replace. So the layout (R.Id.relativelayout_for_fragment) and now you want to type which fragment. So this is the replace and this is the replacer. What is the replacer? Here is the camera, okay. So this is the target you want to replace and remember the camera fragment here attaches to the fragment_camera here.

So it will replace something from here to something in there. So remember, first create an object from the fragment, use the fragment manager here and then call the beginTransaction, Replace, and with this, but maybe you need another one. This is very important as well called getTag. The last option here is important when you want to call the fragment back from the fragment manager. You can call it by tag. I will explain it later on and if you want to know now, maybe we can cover this, but now we don’t it, but it is important for later on. Okay, so now camera. You can see the layout from the camera fragment here. So even the Hello World is not removed, you just write a text to that, so it is like place something over that, so you might want to go to content_main and remove this one, okay. Now, it is done, but maybe you want to discover more when you want to add another fragment, so like I told you early on when we create a fragment, there are three options, now I want to leave this and use only the include fragment factory method and I will call it maybe gallery.

Okay, so this code is a little bit messy actually because it will generate a factory method for you. It is important when you want to pass some data from one activity to another. In this case, you can just hold the new instance, which is the factory method in the Design Patterns from Gang of Four (GoF) and this method will taketwo parameters and we will pass by bundle and then you can get it back from the param1 and param2 okay and then you can use it in here. Now you don’t want to type anything here, maybe just want to call it. It is quite similar, but I want to show you how to call the method here.

So, GalleryFragment and then we call GalleryFragment.newInstance. Now you can pass the data from here, so let’s say some1 and some2 and then you need the same code here, except we want to change this and you will pass the RelativeLayout for the fragment, because you want to use the same layout and in GalleryFragment maybe you want to go to resource and you want to change something. Again I want to change the Frame Layout to RelativeLayout here, the text here and you want to add a clock. Okay, this one is cool enough, now run it, okay, gallery and next one is camera gallery. But now I want to show you how to get the data and then maybe show the data inside the GalleryFragment. So of course it passes from the parameter 1 and parameter 2, now you can use that.

Hope you will need something else and I will show you in the next video and this one I will just use the log and so you can see the data in the log and this is the mParam1 mParam2. Okay, now you go to gallery, and the tag is GalleryFragment. So the method here, the new instance is a very good way to pass a data around from one fragment to another, so now I want to show you the last part of the fragment.

This one I will check all. Include the interface callbacks. Oh! I forgot to change the name layout to it, but it does not matter, just an example here. So this is the method you want to pass it okay. The parameter1 and parameter2 and now you can have the call back okay. The call back is kind of like when something is done, you can get the data inside the main activity. Remember when you call the new instance, you can pass the data from outside to gallery fragment but the callback here is on fragment interaction listener, it’s a callback. Its means like after done something in the fragment, you can get the data outside. Okay, let’s call it. This one is blank because we have the new instance as well, so maybe data1 and data2.

Maybe I will give the number, so you can change the method as well. Let’s say this is a string and I want to change to maybe integer and maybe just one parameter. Let’s just delete it like this, okay and the param1 is a string, so it is a string, so I have to change to integer this or it is going to have some problems here and we got getInt instead of getString. Now inside here, we want to change something and remember this, you need to call like; okay when you are done, then you want to send the data back, so this is the method.

Android Studio Navigation Drawer 5

The ButtonPress is the method for you to call to send the data from this fragment to outside okay. So you want to call it inside here as well and this method as you can see, so you are free to change anything here. It is just an example for you, so if you want to change, maybe now you want to change this to string, right, so I want to change the string. So now I get the data as an integer and I want to multiply it by 5 and then send the data back. This is just an example and I will send the data back, total now is a string. So now when we press it, you will send the data and then you will call the on fragment interacts and anyone that is outside that implement the on fragment interact listener, you will be able to see the data.

For this one, we will get the data that may not be through to you yet. As you can see, now some error, because you want to get the data, so maybe just number 5, okay, and then you will need the same code here. Okay, so let’s run. The error here is not the real error, but actually it is just like a something to tell you that you forget to implement on fragment interact listener, okay, because remember here you need to get the data back when I press on this, okay, on button press.

When I call this method, someone will listen, but now there is now one to listen, so you expect you to be working, but actually you have to ask this activity to implement the method, so what is it? The BlankFragment okay, on fragment listener. So you have to call like this because the interface is inside the blank fragment. So now implement method. So here is the place that you will receive the data back. Okay, now you want to Toast the data.

So we sent the data as an integer and it goes to the BlankFragment here doing some calculation and calls the on button press and it will send the data back by the on fragment interact listener and inside here you can get the data back by the on fragment interaction. So this is the new way and this is the recommended method from android for you to send the data to fragment to get the data from fragment. So that’s it for the basic of navigation drawer. I will meet you in part 2 about the event and view on the fragment.